Little Cinema deliver remarkable debut album in ‘Adventure’

Little Cinema‘Adventure’
Little Cinema (self-released)
4.5 stars out of 5

Tyler Womack and Shawn Jones have been collaborators for several years and friends for even longer. Womack is the Brooklyn-based guiding creative force behind indie newcomers Little Cinema, while the Austin, Texas-based Jones earned his stripes in indie folk collective The Lovely Sparrows.

LIttle Cinema CDWomack used Jones as a sounding board when making albums with previous band Hollywood Gossip and relied heavily on his friend when it came to crafting Little Cinema’s sublime “Adventure” debut. Mixing Jones’ throwback arrangements with Womack’s indie pop aesthetic was a master stroke, as Little Cinema deliver one of the year’s best first albums.

There is so much to love about the 10-track, 33-minute platter, but pay particular attention to standouts “Over the Garden,” “Diving Board,” “Pictures Taken Out of Airplanes,” Birdwatchers of the World, Unite!” and “Fire Safety.” I find something new to enjoy avery time I spin “adventure.” I’m betting you will, too. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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