Legendary guitarist Shuggie Otis struts stuff ‘Live in Williamsburg’

Photo by Greg Cristman | www.gregCphotography.com‘Live in Williamsburg’
Shuggie Otis (Cleopatra)
4 stars out of 5

One-time child guitar prodigy Shuggie Otis has been in the public eye since the late 1960s. The son of the legendary Johnny Otis, Shuggie spent his adolescence appearing in clubs and on recording sessions with the likes of Big Joe Turner, Louis Jordan and T-Bone Walker. He recorded his first official album in 1970 at age 16 and his 1974 masterpiece “Inspiration Information,” though ignored at the time, has gone on to become one of the more celebrated albums of that era.

Shuggie CD“Inspiration Information” was reissued to great fanfare last year, prompting Shuggie to tour extensively with a band that included two of his sons and his brother. They brought that tour to Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg and the memorable comeback is chronicled on “Live in Williamsburg.”

“It was a great feeling having my brother and my two sons playing with me in various parts of the globe last year,” the 60-year-old Shuggie says. “They have their own music as well, and I love them, and am also very proud of them. It’s special to play with them, and it was really important to me to capture one of our performances on record.”

The 13-track, 85-minute album includes stellar performances of “Inspiration Information,” “Tryin’ to Get Close to You,” “Aht Uh Mi Hed,” “Sweetest Thang,” “Doin’ What’s Right,” “Ice Cold Daydream” and a encore of “Strawberry Letter 23,” Shuggie’s most recognizable tune. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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