Jessica Campbell takes music in new direction on latest album ‘III’

Jessica Campbell‘III’
Jessica Campbell (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Jessica Campbell takes her music in a new direction on third full-length “III.” Her last effort, the terrific “The Anchor & the Sail,” was a reflective collection of tunes filled with heartbreak and hard lessons as she looked back on past loves. This time around, Campbell is much more upbeat and optimistic over the course of 11 sunny tracks.

Jessica Campbell CD“You either embrace where you’re at in life, or you put up a façade,” the 33-year-old Campbell notes. “I wanted this album to be more poppy and upbeat, but I also didn’t want to hide my age or my wedding ring. I think there’s something compelling about music made from that kind of honest place.”

An award-winning songwriter, Campbell remains a fiercely independent artist. She’s performed more than 100 house shows over the years, stripping her music to its basic elements to connect with listeners in an intimate setting.

The songs on “III” are universally strong, with Campbell especially impressive on “Brighter Days,” “Lennon & McCartney Lied,” “Break Me Down,” “Finding the Perfect Love” and “My Heart Says Go.” Here’s hoping the new album brings Campbell the audience that her music so richly deserves. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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