Dive Index craft electro-acoustic platter in ‘Lost in the Pressure’

22f97223-0805-4d56-8991-e09049c4a819‘Lost in the Pressure’
Dive Index (Neutral Music)
3.5 stars out of 5

Will Thomas is the creative mastermind behind electro-acoustic project Dive Index. The talented songwriter/producer enlists a variety of guest vocalists and musicians whenever Dive Index hit the studio and he’s on the top of his game with latest full-length “Lost in the Pressure.”

Vocalists Isaiah Gage and Simone White augment a 12-track, 53-minute release that overstays its welcome by about a quarter. Despite the excessive running time, Dive Index deliver plenty of special moments that rival their stellar 2007 “Mid/Air” debut.

The opening salvo of “Rewind Your Patience” and “A Person to Hide With” set the mellow, downbeat tone and Gage, in addition to vocals, plays a killer cello on many of the best cuts. Additional keepers include “Be Cold With Me,” “Constant Chatter,” “Pattern Pieces” and “Sea Glass.” (Jeffrey Sisk)

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