Synth pop trio Zoot Woman return with enjoyable ‘Star Climbing’ LP

Zoot Woman‘Star Climbing’
Zoot Woman (Embassy One)
3.5 stars out of 5

British electronic synth pop trio Zoot Woman exploded onto the scene in 2001 with their “Living in a Magazine” debut and followed it up with an almost-as-good self-titled platter two years later. But the momentum stalled for school chums Stuart Price and brothers Johnny & Adam Blake and six years passed until Zoot Woman hit the studio again for 2009’s “Things Are What They Used to Be.”

Zoot Woman CDFourth full-length “Star Climbing” represents a welcome return to form for Zoot Woman. Johnny Blake’s vocals are as smooth as ever and his words are surrounded by catchy synth-fueled melodies throughout the 11-track release.

Lead single “Don’t Tear Yourself Apart” is terrific and also lifts the lid on the album. Zoot Woman further impress on keepers “Coming Up for Air,” “Rock & Roll Symphony,” “The Stars Are Bright,” “Real Real Love” and “Waterfall Into the Fire.” See you on the dance floor. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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