East India Youth deliver winning new album in ‘Total Strife Forever’

William Doyle performs as East India Youth‘Total Strife Forever’
East India Youth (Stolen/PIAS America)
3 stars out of 5

With a nod to Krautrock, Berlin-era David Bowie, ambient and electro-pop, William Doyle — better known in music circles as East India Youth — earned praise for last year’s “Hostel” EP. Doyle makes an impressive (if ultimately overstuffed) full-length debut with “Total Strife Forever,” a good record that might have been great had the 51-minute running time been reduced by about a third.

East India Youth CDPatient listeners who sift through the extraneous material (“Glitter Recession,” “Hinterland,” “Midnight Koto”) can find some tasty morsels in “Dripping Down,” “Heaven, How Long,” “Looking for Someone” and “Song for a Granular Piano.” With a little more restraint (and/or self editing) East India Youth could be on the verge of something special.” (Jeffrey Sisk)

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