Indie songstress Rachel Taylor Brown shines again on ‘Falimy’

Rachel Taylor Brown‘Falimy’
Rachel Taylor Brown (Penury Pop)
4 stars out of 5

Prolific Oregon-based singer/songwriter Rachel Taylor Brown — the terrific “Falimy” is her ninth album since 2001 — remains a relative unknown and that is mystifying to me. Her piano-based indie pop melodies are wildly infectious and Brown is blessed with a powerful set of pipes that should have made her a star.

Rachel Taylor Brown CDThe 11-track “Falimy,” an intentional misspelling of the word “family,” ranks among her best albums to date. Opener “We’ll Have A” is revelation and lures the listener right into the record. Brown also scores with “Robin,” “Trade,” “Me Hurting You,” “Family” and “One Brave Soul.” If you have yet to experience the music of Rachel Taylor Brown, now’s the time to remedy that. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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