Stagnant Pools build on success of debut with rock-solid ‘Geist’

Stagnant Pools promo pictures in Bloomington, Indiana.‘Geist’
Stagnant Pools (Polyvinyl)
3.5 stars out of 5

Guitar-and-drums duo Stagnant Pools generated some buzz with the release of their 2012 “Temporary Room” debut and siblings Bryan and Douglass Enas build on that success with abrasive second album “Geist.” Having honed their chops touring in support of David Bazan and Cymbals Eat Guitars, among others, Stagnant Pools recorded the 10 songs on “Geist” live to tape. That proves to be the right decision as the record is full of barely-restrained energy.

Stagnant Pools CDStagnant Pools come out of the gate firing on “You Whir” and “To Begin,” and further shine bright on lead single “Intentions,” “His Head Was Warm,” “Dots and Lines” and “Decoder.” Rough around the edges in the best possible way, Stagnant Pools are a band to keep your eye on. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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