Rock-solid ‘The Dead Age’ is Unicycle Loves You’s most interesting release to date

Unicycle Loves You‘The Dead Age’
Unicycle Loves You (High Wheel/Mecca Lecca)
3.5 stars out of 5

The sound of Jim Carroll-fronted trio Unicycle Loves You has evolved over the years. Their 2008 self-titled debut focused on power-pop, while 2010’s “Mirror Mirror” had more of a post-new wave vibe and 2012’s “Failure” tapped into UYL’s psych-rock leanings. Album No. 4 “The Dead Age” finds the band building off of the heavier foundation of “Failure,” and though it’s not for all tastes, the result is their most interesting release yet.

Unicycle Loves You CDOpener “Falling Off” sets the tone with its heavy reverb and fuzzy guitars. If you like that song, you’ll probably dig “Suicide Pizza,” “Silent Minus,” “Bad News Club” and “Grownups” as well. “The Dead Age” is a challenging album, but patient listeners will be rewarded. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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