Louis Prima Jr. emerges from father’s formidable shadow with jumping new full-length ‘Blow’

Louis Prima Jr.‘Blow’
Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses (Warrior)
4 stars out of 5

Louis Prima Jr. has huge shoes to fill, but he’s managing to emerge from his father’s formidable shadow thanks to his work with his own big band, The Witnesses. The terrific “Blow” is the follow-up to Prima Jr. & The Witnesses’ sublime 2012 debut “Return of the Wildest!” and it’s a good-time collection of 11 first-rate tunes.

Louis Prima Jr. CDThe one-two punch of the title track and “Go Let’s Go” gets the party off to a rollicking start, and Prima Jr. & The Witnesses additionally score with “New Orleans,” “That’s My Home,” “Might Be Crazy,” the Adam Ant cover “Goody Two Shoes” and the Louis Prima Sr. cover “Robin Hood.” Highly recommended. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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