Atlanta-based Gold-Bears shine bright on second slab ‘Dalliance’

Gold-Bears (Slumberland)
4 stars out of 5

“Dalliance,” the sophomore slab from Georgia indie outfit Gold-Bears isn’t an easy listen. The songs are abrasive and filled with lots of reverb, jangly guitars and punk snarl. But the creative vision of band founder Jeremy Underwood is more fully realized with a full band in tow, making this 11-track release as enjoyable a record as 2011’s sublime “Are You Falling in Love?”

Gold-Bears CDGold-Bears come out of the gate strong with “Yeah, Tonight” (featuring Emma Cooper),” “Chest” and “Death With Drums,” and continue to impress on “From Tallahassee to Gainesville,” “Hey, Sophie,” “For You” and “Fathers and Daughters.” It’s time these Atlanta-based lads were on your radar. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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