Aussie songstress Mia Dyson keeps streak going with ‘Idyllwild’

Mia Dyson‘Idyllwild’
Mia Dyson (Black Door)
3.5 stars out of 5

I first became aware of rootsy Australian singer/songwriter Mia Dyson with the release of dynamite 2010 EP “You & Me” and my appreciation for her work solidified with last year’s “The Moment.” Well, Dyson is back again and does not disappoint on latest full-length “Idyllwild.”

Mia Dyson CDThere’s a hint of Lucinda Williams in the talented Aussie’s voice (which is a very, very good thing) and she delivers the goods on the title track, “Growing Up,” “Made From the Same Clay,” “She’s Can’t Take the World,” “Crazy Horse” and “Based on Your Eyes.” Check this one out, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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