NYC-based singer/songwriter Vincent Poag shines bright on sophomore platter ‘For the Girls’

Vincent Poag‘For the Girls’
Vincent Poag (Danal Music)
4 stars out of 5

With a voice that reminds of both Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, Big Apple-based singer/songwriter Vincent Poag is trying his darnedest to make a name for himself. He moves closer to realizing that goal with stellar sophomore platter “For the Girls,” a dynamic gathering of 13 tunes that showcase his strong writing chops and distinctive vocals.

Vincent Poag CDOpener “45 Miles an Hour Girl” is the perfect lid-lifter, and Poag soars high on the title track, “Waiting for Me,” “Only Love,” “My Wings,” “Scarlett & Me” and “New Orleans.” Make a point to get to know this guy. You definitely won’t regret it. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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